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Introducing Psychegnosis

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Is this the Most Important Information that has Ever Been Revealed to Mankind? YOU DECIDE!


Is this the most Important Information that has ever been Revealed to Mankind? You Decide!

The website that you have just opened has within its pages, the most important information, that mankind has ever been given.

‘The Law of Psychegnosis’ is a science and a law of nature that has always existed but has never had the opportunity to be developed due to the teachings and beliefs held by mankind of who we are.

Psychegnosis is a new word made up of two individual words each of which explains what its role is.

The first of these words is Psyche which defines the real person behind the “illusion” we think we are.

The second part is Gnosis which is a greek word meaning knowledge.

Both words together give us the knowledge of “who we truly are”!

The importance of this law of nature is explained within the content of this newspaper and has revealed and unveiled the erroneous teachings that mankind has taught within every community on the face of the earth.

The world we live in has no permanent or lasting solution for peace, and we claim that by reading and understanding what is written within these pages that every person without exception shall find peace both for themselves and for the whole of mankind!

This may seem a bold claim to make but we can assure you that the evidence when examined is perfect.

Psychegnosis is not religious nor does it owe any allegiance to any political party.

It does not say how any person should live their life only that we should be aware that we are not our emotions.

We make certain proclamations that will astonish those who first hear about them.

Here are some of the truths that we have written about.

1)  We declare, that such things as Depression and Addictions are wrongly treated by those in the medical world and that both of these do not exist!

2) We declare, that we can be happy and have peace 100% of the time.

3) We declare, that our minds and our bodies are ‘not who we are’!

4) We declare, that mankind existed before we came into our physical body and that we shall continue to exist after we die!

5) We declare that the source of all miracles requires ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’!

6) We declare, that by understanding ’who we are not’, we will be free from the pain and trauma that our reliance on our emotions as being ’who we are’ has given!

7) We declare, that Psychiatry and Theology as well as Philosophy have been looking in the wrong direction to discover the source of ’who we are’!

8) We declare, that Positive Thinking is the most dangerous belief that exists and is the greatest barrier to finding peace both on an individual and global level!

9) We declare, that meditation in its many forms does not bring permanent peace and is part of the ‘illusion’ that has prevented peace.

10) We declare, that ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’ is the only way to find permanent peace!

We make these proclamations along with many others and we ask that you take the time to study the evidence and we promise that you will not be the same ever again!

We make no apologies for what we have declared!

We ask that those who are open minded put our claims to a 30 day experiment by reading the daily articles.

We publish a new article almost every day and we invite you to participate.

We believe that you will find peace.

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We are not afraid of the truth!